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Iraq: The Furnace of the Great Middle East Plan (A Case Study) PDF
Seyyed Hossein Sadeghi 3-10
Lean Management Model Designing for Public Hospitals in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad and Bushehr Provinces PDF
Lida Gholizadeh, Irevan Masoudi Asl, Kamran Hajinabi, Pouran Raeeisi Dehkordi 11-16
Identifying and Ranking the Factors Effective on Improving the Quality of Electronic Banking Services Offered by Iran’s Saderat Bank PDF
Alireza Mir 17-23
The Role of Positive Organizational Behavior in Entrepreneurial Behavior (Case Study: Iranian Kalleh Company) PDF
Seyyed-Mahmoud Hoseini-Amiri, Nahid Saravi Moghadam, Mohammad Reza Zeinaddini, Iman Hakimi 24-33
The Relationship between Information Asymmetry and Stock Liquidity and Cost of Equity Capital of Companies Listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange PDF
Seyede Fatemeh Hashemi Fard 34-39
A Survey of the Effects of Relationship Marketing Strategies on Shopping Behavior in Sports Clothing Shops PDF
BM.R.Ismaeelzadeh, M.Piri, M.Tavakkol 40-44
Comparison of Amount of TVN and Microbial Load in Silver Carp Fish During Preservation by Ice Powder PDF
Soheil Alinezhad 45-52
A Review og Energy Efficient Buildings In India PDF
James Harish 53-56
Modernism in Iranian Architecture and Various Patterns of Combining Modernity and Past Practices PDF
Jamal-E-Din Mahdi Nejad, Ahmadreza Kaboli, Ghazal Mosaferzadeh 57-76
Industry Influence in Shaping Regional Identity in Contemporary Khuzestan Case Study: Comparative Study of Housing in Masjed Soleyman and Abadan PDF
Jamal-E-Din Mahdi Nejad, Ghazal Mosaferzadeh, Ahmadreza Kaboli 77-85
Survey of the Relationship between Knowledge Management and Risk Management in Sport Project PDF
M.R.Ismaeelzadeh, M.Piri, M.Tavakkol, R.Ramshini 86-91
Role of PTA in Improved Quality of Education in Public Primary Schools for Girls in Tehran PDF
Zinab Zare, Mahshid Izadi 92-98
Exploring Growth of Entrepreneurship in India Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises PDF
Sapan Murad 99-104
Life Quality, Tourism and Rural Development Case study: Two Counties in Iran PDF
Baeizh Azmi, Somayeh Amiri Parian 105-112
Disputes Resolution Procedure in Financing Contracts PDF
Mahdi Babaie 113-120
Relationships between Indian Commercial Banks Performance and Organisational Effectiveness PDF
Rinshu Razzak 121-125
The Effect of Organizational Culture on Knowledge Management Maturityt PDF
Hesam Sabouri Poor, Zahra Lebady 126-139
The Effect of Trust, Quality Service, Brand Image and Perceived Value Customer Loyalty to the Brand in the Hotel Industry Isfahan, Case Study: Hotel Kosar Isfahan PDF
Mohammad Fathi, Saeid Landaran Esfahani 140-148
Applied Analysis of Methods of Synthesizing Carbon Nanotubes in Order to Identify Defects and Advantages of these Methods PDF
Ramin Kamali 149-158
The Economic and Social Importance - A Comprehensive between India and Malaysia PDF
Bhakta Sarkar, Saurabh Suvajee 159-167
Direct Red 23 Dye Removal from Aqueous Solution Using Sunflower Stem Absorbent PDF
Tabassom Beiranvand, Manochehr Bahmaei 168-172
The Investigation of the Relationship between Growth Opportunities and Earnings Management in Tehran Stock Exchange Companies PDF
Yadollah Tariverdi, Kamran Mohammadi, Hazhar Eisazadeh 173-185
Indian Competitive Entrepreneurship in Logistics Business Activities PDF
Ejaz Chauhan 186-189
Investigating the Mechanical Behavior of Clayey Soils Using Elasto-Plastic Critical State Constitutive Models PDF
Marjan Sadrjamali, Alireza Negahdar 190-202
Effectiveness of Tolerance Group Training on Excitation Self-Adjustment, Psychopathic Wellbeing and Ways of Collation with Stress in Multiple Sclerosis Patients (MS) PDF
Mohammad Ghasemi Pir Balouti, Fatemeh Mohammadi Dastgerdi 203-209
Effectiveness of Music Therapy (Traditional) on Negative Symptoms of Schizophrenia Ills of Boroujen Centers PDF
Mohammad Yassin Seifi Gandomani, Moslem Najafian Boroujeni 210-217
Production Costs Calculation Method in India SMEs PDF
Kapil Gehman, Deepti Tharchen 218-221
Integrated Management in Construction Projects and Challenges and Executive Strategies to Avoid Inhibiting Factors in the Project of Knowledge based Companies (Case Study Samco Company) PDF
Faramarz Honarkar Baghban, Heydar Dashti Nasserabadi, Abbas Babaei 222-229
Review and Investigate Optimal Selection of Contractors in Construction Projects and Prioritize Contractors based on the Identified Criteria and based on the Second Type of Fuzzy Topsis (Case Study: Construction Projects in Tehran) PDF
Mohammad Kalashi, Heydar Dashti Nasserabadi, Abbas Babaei 230-240
Survey and Analyzing Strategic Role of Project Management in Mass Production Projects (Case Study: Housing Cooperative of Iranian Airline Company) PDF
Nima Shahrokhi, Heydar Dashti Nasserabadi, Abbas Babaei 241-250
The Excitability of Gold Exchange Rates During the Crisis Period Evidence from Peru PDF
Shupei Pangastuti 251-268
The Investigation of Crimes and the Punishment of Legal Entities on the Basis of the Islamic Penal Code 2013 PDF
Abdollah Radmanesh, Zahra Radmanesh 269-277
Impact of Water Rights on Technical Efficiency of Irrigated Wheat Crop Using Stochastic Frontier Production Function Case Study: Khash City PDF
Javad Shahraki, Monireh Mirshekari 278-285
Survey and Analysis Petroglyphs of Penhani from Nehbandan City, Iran PDF
Azadeh Yarabbi, Ahmad Heydari, Mohamad Nazemi 286-293
Geotourism of Anthropological Works of Central Plateau of Iran PDF
Hamideh Beigi 294-299
The Impact of Demographic and Psychological Characteristics Affecting the Students' Entrepreneurial Attitudes, Case Study: Shiraz University PDF
Kazem Askarifar 300-306
Iranian and French Laws and the Conflict of Laws in their Commercial Contract PDF
Alireza Ebrahami, Katayoon Nazarboland 307-316
The Culture Crystallization of Critical Poem by Khaghani Shervani in Persian Literature PDF
Mohammad Hossein Khan Mohammadi, Mohammad Amir Obaydinia, Ali Ansari Satlu 317-324
Multiple Relationships between Successful Intelligence and Self- Regulated Learning Dimensions: Comparing Gifted and Ordinary Students in Mashhad PDF
Fariba Ghalenovy, Hossein Kareshki 325-332
Competitive Policies for the Acquisition of Sustainable Competitive Advantage in Small- and Medium-Sized Business Entities PDF
Sohila Ezadi 333-341
A Study on Efficiency of Advanced Oxidation Processes for the Removal of Organic Dye Materials in Small Quantities Using Hydrogen Peroxide and Proxy Monosulfate Activated in the Presence of Iron Cations and Magnetic Nanoparticles of Iron Oxide (Fe3O4) PDF
Azadeh Mirzaie, Mohammad Hosein Rasouli Fard, Parisa Ziarati 342-352
Optimal Microgrid Design for Load Management and Enhancing Distribution System Reliability PDF
Z. Piran, M. Nayeripour 353-359
Programing Public Open Space Design Patterns with Social Capital Approach Case Study: Tajrish Square PDF
Jamal-e-Din Mahdi Nejad, Ehsan Mirzababaei 360-369
Design of ANFIS Controller for Dynamic Voltage Restorer in Order to Improve LVRT PDF
Abdolreza Tavakoli, Meghdad Khososi Sani, Hamzeh Eisazadeh, Saeed Sharifi Malfejani, Behzad Taghipoor Mozan,Mehdi Hatef 370-381
An Assessment Tool for Architectural Design Factors of Nurseries in Tehran PDF
Niloufar Zangiband, Alireza Bandarabad 382-391