Palma Journal
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Editorial PDF
Social Media And Politics PDF
Constanza Rahman 3-9
Medical Ethics in Fiqh (Jurisprudence) PDF
SMohammadreza Marandai, Hamid Shahim 10-15
The Effect of Wortmanin on Gene of Neuroprotective Factors (TGFβ1 and TGFβ2) Expression in Astrocytes PDF
Mahin Bahmani, Houshang Jamali 16-28
Crisis Management and Risk Analysis Review PDF
Farzad Esmaeili 29-31
Isolation of Bacterial Agents (E. coli) of UTI and Phenotypic and Genotypic Detection of Resistant Bacteria in Hospitals in Jahrom PDF
Kousar Zandi, Houshang Jamali 32-43
Environmental Education to Protect the Environment PDF
Allison Rahardjo 44-47
The Role of Depression and Craving Reduction in Smoking Cessation PDF
Soodeh Sahraei, Changiz Rahimi, Norolah Mohamadi 48-52
Preparation and Characterization of mPEG-PCL based Biodegradable Polymeric Nanoparticles for Anticancer Drugs Delivery PDF
Samira Zaree, Kobra Rostamizadeh 53-64
Duality of Tactics and Strategy in Modern World PDF
Heyi Hatala 65-68
Blue Ocean Strategy: Competition Strategy In Uncontested Market PDF
Hossein Safar Zadeh, Reza Saber Sheikh 69-74
Prioritization of Passive Defense Measures to Reduce the Vulnerability of Cities PDF
Farzad Esmaeeli, Mohammad Chegini, Alireza Moradi Saleh 75-89
Overcome the Stress Using Psychological Safety in Organization PDF
Salla Dwivedi 90-93
Startup Weekend Impact on Business Intelligence PDF
Shadan Vahabzadeh, Atena Rahehagh, Arian Farhang 94-103
A Study on the Reasons of Land Slide in the West of Mazandaran Province PDF
Zahra Ebrahimi 104-109
New Findings on Environment and Ecosystem Attraction of People Participation in Natural Resources PDF
Zahra Ebrahimi 110-116
Using Modeling Foundation Stone Parker Case Study PDF
Mohammad Reza Tabatabaei 117-120
Merger and Acquisition in Taiwan PDF
Irfan Nurunnabi 121-126
Study the Effect of Intercultural Communication Competence on Academic Achievement and Career Success of Students PDF
Sahar Nikmaram, Masood Kousari 127-134
The Effective Factors on Working Capital Management of Accepted Companies in Tehran Stock Market (Case Study: Cement Industry) PDF
Ahmad Hasanpor, Mostafa Mohammad Zadeh, Ebrahim Mansoori 135-143
The Contribution of Early Maladaptive Schemas in Anticipation of Married Students’ Marital Conflict PDF
Shabnam Karami 144-147
Internet Application in Business Intelligence PDF
Rashin Ghanimi 148-154
The Effect of Social Commerce on Customer’s Intention to Buy The Case Study: Online Shoppers PDF
Ahmad Rahchamani, Rashin Ghanimi 155-165
SME Impact on Output Growth, Case Study of India PDF
Noémie Nagaya 166-170
Difficultly Against the Crisis of Climate Change in Developing Countries PDF
Elham Ghaffarian, Azizeh Ghaffarian 171-174
Evaluation of Livability of Songhor City Neighborhoods Using TOPSIS Model PDF
Hosein Kalantari Khalil Abad, Mohamadreza Farahnaki 175-184
The Investigation and Comparison of Roof Drift in Bending Steel Frames with Discontinuous Steel Shear Walls at a Height Using Nonlinear Static and Dynamic Analysis PDF
Saeed Matooreipour Mohammarei, Mehdi Mahdavi Adeli 185-192
Volition Engineering as Organizational Processing Policy PDF
Shahryar Ghorbani Golzari Nezhad, Seyed Abbas Mirhoseini, Ehsan Zeinalzadeh 193-203
Study on Physical Education 2 Course Effect (Aerobics) on Tehran University Bachelor’s Degree Students’ Life Skills Level PDF
Fatemeh Deldar Mazarki 204-208
Make-To-Order Production System Using Mathematical Programming PDF
Ayala Santos 209-214
Principles Governing Contracts of Technology Transfer in the International Commercial Law PDF
Mahmoud Ashena 215-220
Functus Officio PDF
Mohammadreza Kazemigolvardi,Mehdi Soleimantabar 221-230
Control the Changes in Environmental Characteristics Caused by the Common Channel of Municipal Utilities Instead of Traditional Conventional Methods PDF
Mehdi Najafzadeye Moghadam, Mohammad Mahdi Amiri 231-238
Evolution Theory of Religion Modernization Evidence from India PDF
Santosh Cassan, Upasak Somanathan 239-242
Quality of Working Life (QWL) among University PDF
Hossein Fathabadi 243-249
Components of Family Claims Procedure with approach to Family Protection Law PDF
Fahimeh Malekzadeh 250-256