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Performance of IT Oriented Egyptian Banks in Costs and Profits PDF
Rudra Mahendhiran 03-08
Prediction of Students' Addiction based on Following Religious Beliefs and Life Satisfaction PDF
Maryam Asheri 09-14
Comparison of Parenting Styles and Assertiveness in Children with Learning Disorders and Normal Children PDF
Masome Larni, Zohreh Sadeghi Afjeh 15-20
Simple and Multifold Relationship between Metacognitive Beliefs and Students' General Health PDF
Susan Pashazadeh Moradi 21-25
Comparison of the Seismic Design Spectrum in 2800, BCJ and EC8 with Pushover Analysis PDF
Soheil Hemmati, Sohrab Kashefi, Mohsen Gerami 26-34
Seasonal Effects on S&P Islamic Index Especially due to Ramadan Effect : A Case Study of Malaysian Stock Market PDF
Attasuda Guney 35-41
Banking Sector Reforms Using E-banking in Turkey: Advantages and Disadvantages of E-banking PDF
Ömür Damar 42-52
The Impact of Emotional Intelligence Training on Aggression of Shiraz Boy First High School Students PDF
Shilan Shokri 53-56
Principles and Concepts of Sustainable Development with an Emphasis on Ecological and Social Sustainability from the Perspective of Martin Heidegger PDF
Bahar Baghernejad Hamzeh Kolaee 57-65
Compare the Different Levels of Math Anxiety among High School Students in City Schools Branch PDF
Javad Soleymanpoor, Gol Safa Topa Esfandiari, Marzieh Lamtar Ali, Shaghayegh Tilab 66-69
The Relationship between Self-Concept and Academic Burnout with Academic Performance of College Students in West Mazandaran PDF
Javad Soleymanpoor, Jafar Nazari, Aida Kohi, Azam Farahbakhsh, Khorshid Mosavi Laleh Rudy 70-73
Hakim Nasser Khosrow and Measure the Rational PDF
Parisa Farokhi Nejad, Mehdi Siyasar 74-77
Assessing the Relationship between the Spirituality at Work and the Internalization of Occupational Values of Physical Education Teachers working at the Fifth Region of the Isfahan Education Department PDF
Ahmad Reza Ascari, Ebrahim Asadi 78-85
The Effect of Background Color and Level of Threat on Evoked Fear and Smoking Cessation Intentions PDF
Shiva Taghilou, Alireza Heidarzadeh Hanzaee 86-92
Effectiveness of Attachment- based Intervention on Reducing Salivary Cortisol Level in Children with Separation Anxiety Symptoms PDF
Khalil Esmaeilpour, Vahid Sari Sarraf, Nasrin Alsadat Rastgar Hashemi 93-100
A Short History of Arasbaran (Qarah Dagh [Black Mountain]) Tribe and Its Marriage Traditions PDF
Hojjat Niknafs 101-107
Promoting the Urban Transport Quality to Improve the Life Quality of Handicapped Individuals (Case Study on Tehran’s Enghelab Square) PDF
Maryam Mahdavi, Tahereh Binaei 108-115
The Relationship with Demographic Variables among Drivers Tend to Vandalism Incident Entrepreneurs PDF
Kourosh Mohammadi, Javad Soleymanpoor, Gulshan Shokri, Elham Ebrahimpour Arangi, Shaghayegh Tilab 116-122
Risk Management in Different Share Contracts A Case Study : Lake Bafa in Turkey PDF
Iylias Mandujano 123-131
S.V Impact on Competitive Advantage Attainment in Iran's Banking Industry PDF
Gholamreza Rahimi 132-143
Investigating the Effect of Social Entrepreneurship and Transformational Leadership on Organizational Performance by Mediating of Social Value of Organization in Cultural-Artistic Institutions PDF
Ali Abdollahi, Akbar Alam Tabriz, Andisheh Javid 144-153
Gender Differences and the Perception of Academic Stressors in Students of State College PDF
Mehmet Benli 154-162
The Concept of Alimony in the Works of Allame Helli PDF
Hakimeh Narimisa 163-166
Reviewing Social Causes of Social Vandalism in Primary and Secondary Schools of the City of Shadegan in 2014- 2015 PDF
Jafar Shovaichi, Marzie Mashalpourmofred 167-171